Best bark Collar for small Dogs

Choosing a bark collar for small dogs is something many dog owners wish they didn’t have to do. But unfortunately many dogs need to be trained when not to bark.

There a few types of bark collar to choose from.

Static Shock Bark Collar

With the static shock dog collar the mechanism that sits against the dog’s throat sends out a static shock that travels down two metal prongs that touch your dog’s neck. The static shock in some of these collars begins with a rather small shock which increases in intensity up through a variety of levels as your dog continues his or her nuisance barking. You can personally test the static shock bark collar on your hand prior to using it on your dog if you are worried about the intensity of the shock your dog will receive.

Vibration Bark Collars
Vibration collars also have sensors that detect a dog’s bark before sending an interruptive pulse – in this case a vibrating one. Although the vibration intensity can be pre-adjusted, vibration collars don’t have the versatility of static collars and there are far fewer models available. However, for those who would prefer not to use a static collar the vibration collar is a very practical alternative.

Ultrasonic Collars

These collars emit an inaudible ultrasonic tone.  It is piercing for dogs, though humans cannot hear it.  When your collar detects your dogs bark (or another dog’s bark…unfortunately) via a built in microphone, it goes into action!  Unfortunately many dogs become used to the ultrasonictone and continue barking after a short time of using the product.   We only recommend them as an alternative for young small dogs with low drive or a timid temperament.


Most shock collars have multiple correction levels. Some increase the correction level if a dog repeatedly barks without. We find these less effective. They basically give the dog a couple of free barks before the strong correction kicks in. While it might seem more humane to give the dog a warning, this effectively teaches the dog that they can bark a couple of times. We prefer the learning collars that find a level and stick to it. Next best are collars that let you set the correction level